Advanced Email Conference Manchester Programme

Latest Trends To Stand Out In Crowded Inboxes, Drive Unshakeable Loyalty & Engagement & Maximise Proactive Personalisation With Fresh, Tech-Smart, AI-Savvy & Revenue-Boosting Email Marketing Innovations That Put Customers First



Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome


Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Amy Harman, Head of Customer Marketing, Hotel Chocolat Ltd


Fresh New Inspiration

Cut Through Crowded Inboxes With Fresh, Dynamic Email Content That Secures Retention, Loyalty & Delivers Lasting Engagement

  • More than just “content” – spice up your email campaigns with creative, out-of-the-box ideas that encourage customers to stop scrolling and pay attention
  • Develop eye-catching personalisation that makes your customer feel seen and heard, while navigating the ideal balance of AI, automation, and the critical human touch
  • Images, gifs, videos, text – what is the ideal mix? Craft emails with the perfect tone to capture attention through timely, concise information and punchy visuals
  • The latest trends! What are customers responding to in emails today? With consumer tastes always developing, and users accessing email on multiple devices, keep your content ahead of the curve

Charlotte Williams, Head of Marketing & Communications, BNP Paribas Real Estate


Panel Q&A

Harness The Ever-Growing Potential Of AI & Utilise The Latest Advances To Boost Open Rates, Personalisation & Engagement

  • AI as your co-pilot; maintain the perfect balance between automation and the critical human factor, to maximise output without alienating customers
  • Know the limits as well as the strengths! In what ways can AI truly outperform workers, and when does the human element need to take over to avoid generic or underdeveloped content?
  • Go from the theoretical to the practical, with real-life use cases that demonstrate tangible ROI and inspire new approaches
  • What are the best tools and platforms to achieve high-level personalisation and segmentation, while also remaining compliant and data-safe?

Tash Dean CRM Campaign Manager, DE&I Ambassador, Tesco Mobile

Jean-Pascal Amblat, Head of Owned Channels & CRM, Air France


Cutting-Edge Strategies

Embed Email As A Key Driver At The Centre Of Omnichannel Strategies To Streamline Customer Journeys & Brand Narrative

  • Who responds to what? Employ targeted audience segmentation to ensure email stands out as a key channel in the wider marketing portfolio
  • Social media, WhatsApp, SMS – ensure your marcomms channels are working together, not against each other, with seamless customer journeys from one to another
  • Foster collaboration and connected thinking between marketing teams and professionals working across different channels, to put the customer first
  • Avoid bombardment and over-communication with joined-up storytelling that makes best use of all channels

Amy Wisniewski, Ecommerce Lead, Lucky Saint


Panel Q&A

Maximise Customer Engagement & Conversion Rates With Next-Level, Practical & Proven Personalisation Strategies With A Targeted, Data-Led Approach

  • Assess the latest tools and programmes to understand what level of personalisation works best for your specific marketing goals
  • Don’t get left behind! Gain unmissable insights into the high-impact personalisation strategies already being used by your fellow CRM and Marketing professionals
  • With some customers sceptical of AI-generated content, strike the right balance between AI and the human touch, and ensure your efforts are justified by appropriate ROI
  • Out-of-date information can undermine your efforts; harness the latest data methodologies to increase accuracy and relevance

Hussein Akins, Senior CRM Executive, Octopus Money

Ashley Coidan, Head of Web & Email Communications, University of Cambridge


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