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In 1 Day, 29 Leading Brands Share The Latest, New Secrets Of Their Email Marketing Success! 

Unlock The Power Of Next-Level, Integrated & Engaging Email & Demonstrate Results: Customer-Focused, Innovative Email Marketing Content, Campaigns & Journeys. Embed Customers At The Heart Of Email Marketing With Data-Led Personalisation & Targeting, Tech, Automation & AI Advances, Seamless Multi-Channel Strategies & Compelling Content For Measurable, Future-Facing Email Campaigns & Journeys That Land Consistently, Deliver ROI, Maximise Engagement & Add To The Bottom Line.

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 11th May 2021, Virtually. @EmailConf

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

08.50 GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Scott Ward, Senior Retention Marketing Manager, Center Parcs

Customer-Centric Email

09.10 Customer-Centric Email Put The Customer At The Heart Of Your Email Marketing Strategy For Content & Campaigns That Resonate, Engage & Ultimately, Drive Revenue
  • Retain customers and keep interest levels high with targeted content that is truly relevant to each and every segment of customer
  • Do you know your audience? Ensure your content and voice reflect your customer base and behaviours to drive brand awareness and sales
  • No matter who your customer is, guarantee your email campaigns are fully accessible with up-to-date technologies that prioritise user experience for all
Jenna Wilson, CRM & Data Manager for Professional Products Division, L'Oréal

Next-Level Personalisation - Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.30 Refresh Your Personalisation Strategies With Data -Led Innovation For Ultimate Customer Engagement

  • More than subject lines and past-purchase behaviours: what realistic strategies can you implement quickly to push your personalisation to the next-level?
  • What data is needed to keep email communications feeling human and personalised?
  • Measure the results of your personalisation efforts to understand its true effect on email marketing success

Alexander Fadahunsi, Senior CRM Operations Manager, Trainline

Matt Parsons, CRM Strategy Manager - Bet, Sky Betting & Gaming

Rianna Viggiano, CRM Manager, Pandora

Stuart Russell, Chief Customer Office, Planning-inc

Jack Lord, Paid Media and Search Manager - Western Europe, Avon

Scott Ward, Senior Retention Marketing Manager, Center Parcs

Christopher Hughes, Marketing Controller, Sky

Marketing Automation - Increase Your Marketing Performance At Low Effort

10.10 Marketing Automation - Increase your marketing performance at low effort

  • What's marketing automation and what are its main benefits?
  • Improving conversion rates with automation
  • Using automation to refine segmentation
  • Building simple yet efficient scenarios

Jeff Cox, Head of Product Marketing, Sendinblue

High-Impact Data & Targeting

10.30 Leverage Data & Segmentation Strategies To Push Your Email Communications Towards A More Targeted, High-Impact Experience

  • What does it mean to be truly data-centric?
  • Use data wisely to create next-level segmentation strategies that truly speak to the customer behind the data
  • Ensure you are collecting and managing data correctly for clean data that doesn’t send emails straight to the spam filter

Rachel Liversedge, CRM Lead, Co-Op

Peter Sargent, CRM Manager, Co-Op

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

From the Ground Up: Your Guide to Evolving Email Personalisation

11.20 From the Ground Up: Your Guide to Evolving Email Personalisation

Since 2012, crypto services provider, has managed 28% of all Bitcoin transactions. As Blockchain looks ahead to the exponential opportunity of cryptocurrency, the team is doubling down on their customer experience and investing in their email personalisation strategy. Join Indi Pollard, Email Marketing Lead, and Eloise Shuttleworth, Senior Customer Success Director at Iterable, to hear how Indi is applying proven personalisation tactics and improving the engagement performance of Blockchain’s email strategy with Iterable.

Eloise Shuttleworth, Senior Director of Customer Success, Iterable

Indi Pollard, Email Marketing Lead,

Engaging Content

11.40 Achieve Maximum Engagement With Inspired, Interactive & Relevant Content That Keeps Customers Wanting More

  • Don’t lose sight of the basics! Subject lines, call to actions, language and tone: best-practice advice for sending the right messages to the right person at the right time
  • Create a truly digital experience with interactive and dynamic content that results in more than just clicks
  • Following on from COVID-19, ensure content is kept relevant for your audience in today’s ever-changing world
  • From real time content to gamification, what are the latest ways to enhance email content?

Jackie Barnett, Head of CRM, MandM Direct

Cheetah Digital - Smash your Marketing KPIs

12.05 Smash your Marketing KPIs

We know the pressures you face as a marketer. You have to create exciting, engaging campaigns, while also continuously striving to meet your marketing goals & KPIs. How do you balance both? It’s about targeting customers throughout their experience — a topic we’ll be covering in this presentation

Magalie Lasfargues, Director, Strategic Services EMEA, Cheetah Digital

Integrated Email Marketing

12.25 Optimise Email As Part Of An Integrated Marketing Strategy For A Truly Multi-Channel Experience 

  • From direct mail to push notifications, email is only a part of the big picture! Join multiple touch points together and synchronise your email strategy with the wider marketing mix for increased reach and engagement
  • How can you connect social media smoothly to email?
  • Ensure different teams across marketing are working and collaborating together to create a seamless multi-channel experience

Pedro Conceição, Head of Retention, allplants

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.45 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Caz Hanrahan, Director of Product, Campaign Automation, GSK

Why Email Subscribers Behave In Unexpected Ways

13.55 Why Email Subscribers Behave in Unexpected Ways

Guy HansonVice President, Customer Engagement (International), Validity Inc.

Measuring Results

14.15 Effectively Capture The Impact Of Your Email Marketing Strategies With Up-To-Date Metrics That Demonstrate ROI & Success

  • Going beyond clicks and open rates: what are you actually looking to achieve from email and how can you measure that?
  • Explore the options with AB testing to quickly and accurately determine what’s working and what isn’t
  • Attribute success to email with clear metrics that demonstrate ROI to leadership for continued buy-in

Scott Ward, Senior Retention Marketing Manager, Center Parcs

Email Transformation - Case Study - Real Stories, Real Successes!

14.35 Building A Customer Success Platform: How LV=GI Transformed Their Approach To Customer Communication

  • Challenges and key learnings from implementing a new customer communication strategy
  • Migrating to an in-house way of working that enabled customer awareness and trust through smarter targeting of higher reaching channels
  • Speaking to customers across multiple channels and touch points with consistent messaging to enrich communications

Joanna Lidgey, Head of Performance Marketing, LV= General Insurance

A/B Testing – Proven Tactics to Increase Email Engagement and Revenue

14.55 A/B Testing – Proven Tactics to Increase Email Engagement and Revenue

Gavin Sherry, Head of Deliverability, Exponea, acquired by Bloomreach

Breakout Discussions

15.15 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Subject Lines

Rianna Viggiano, CRM Manager, Pandora

B) Voice & Tone

15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Session Reserved For Emarsys

16.00 Session Reserved For Emarsys

Zach Hemmant-Low, Regional Sales Director. UK - Nordics - Benelux., Emarsys

Future Trends & Email Innovations - Panel Discussion & Q&A

16.20 Interpret The Emerging Trends In Consumer Behaviour, Social Change & Technology Advances For Future-Facing Emails 

  • 2020: the year of change! How will the global pandemic impact how consumers interact with email?
  • AI, AMPs, automation: stay ahead of the game with up to date technology and tools to push your emails above the rest
  • How will email fare in the future? How can you prove its critical business importance to secure buy-in and allocate more marketing resources to email?

Seema Kumari, Digital Marketing & CRM Director, Hearst Magazines

Diana Iusco, CRM & Loyalty Manager, Hackett London

Russell Dawson, Solutions Consultant, Taxi for Email

16.50 Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference