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Attention-Grabbing Content • Personalisation • Integrated Email Marketing • Data: Targeting, Collection & Privacy • Automation & AI • Customer-Centric Email • Measurement & ROI • Customer Loyalty & Retention • Customer Journeys • Future Trends & Innovations

27th June 2023, One America Square, central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Tony Miller, Former CMO / VP Growth & Performance Marketing, WW

ATTENTION-GRABBING CONTENT - Inspiring Insights For 2023!

09.10 Stand Out From The Crowd & Cut-Through With Dynamic, Fresh & Relevant Content That Fuels Increased Email Engagement

  • The power of the crowd! Keep up with the viral content which isn’t driven by businesses to examine exactly what catchy, appetising and impactful content customers of today want tomorrow
  • ‘Surprise and delight’ or ‘points make prizes’ – nurture customer relations within your content to retain loyal customers and dramatically improve sale conversions
  • Segment and tailor your audience to guarantee that the right content with the right relevancy is delivered across the board to increase engagement
  • Focus attention on the accessibility of your content, how does your email look on a phone in dark mode? And is your content and language clear enough for transcribing services to read aloud to name?
  • What is the most engaging piece of your content? The email, video, gifs… discover creative, meaningful and engaging email formats and templates certain to capture attention

Mina Bastawros, VP Creative & Digital Marketing, Airbus

PERSONALISATION - Boost Engagement - Panel & Q&A

09.30 Advance Your Personalisation Strategies With A Data-Centric, Sophisticated & Tailored Approach That Maximises Engagement & Delivers Real Sales-Boosting Results

  • Move beyond first names, birthdays and old misconceptions to create savvy and sophisticated personalisation certain to boost conversion rates
  • The perfect personalised sweet spot – how are your email marketing personalisation strategies engaging and exciting consumers without overstepping their privacy boundaries?
  • Personalisation on a larger scale: how can you leverage new automation and tech updates to drive authentic personalisation?
  • What can personalisation look like today, and when is it too much? From colour to images, timing and content to language… thrive in a competitive landscape with sophisticated personalisation strategies
  • Take the next step and convert sales with effective personalisation! Maximise personalised content and offers which translates browsing into purchasing action

Atul Agarwal, Director of Personalisation Financial Services, John Lewis Partnership

Louis Ross, Director- UK Marketing, Merchant Services, American Express

David Johnson, CRM Manager, Travelopia

Hannah Blackburn, Email Marketing Executive, Belstaff

Jo Darby, Former Head of Digital, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Integrate & Elevate Email Within An Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy To Increase Customer Reach, Boost Customer Satisfaction & Drive Revenue

  • Email, Instagram, SMS, WhatsApp… understand the critical role email plays in your multi-channel mix to drive marcomms collaboration and level up campaign engagement
  • Successfully and seamlessly connect consumer touch points to deliver the ultimate channel mix tailored to your customer base to enhance performance
  • Avoid digital fatigue! Prevent a bombardment of content across channels by ensuring consistent and well-planned storytelling across channels to create smooth online experiences for customers


11.20 Unlock The Power Of Data & Hit The Mark With Your Target Consumers With Effective Data Collection & Analysis To Boost Engagement & Guarantee Email Campaign Success

  • The best of both worlds – how can you best maximise collected data to your advantage to deliver engaging and profit-boosting emails for both consumers and the business as a whole?
  • Winning data segmentation: deep dive into your customer lifecycles and incentivising data gathering strategies to decipher how to segment your customer data for the better
  • Ethical yet effective data ingestion: as customers are increasingly aware of their data and how it’s being used, build trust with your consumers when capturing data to drive CRM capabilities and enhance email performance
  • From TikTok to Facebook ads… what new data collection methods are being used that could transform your customer segmentation strategies today?
  • How can you acquire new customers and deliver winning, hyper-personalised and data-driven content?

Caroline Petit, International Advertising & Promotion Lead, Takeda

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

AUTOMATION & AI - Quick Wins! - Panel & Q&A

12.10 Leverage The Latest AI Advancements & Balance The Human Touch Alongside This To Enhance Personalisation Capabilities, Boost Marketing Performance & Ultimately Increase Conversions

  • What AI advancements are breaking into the email marketing landscape to drive hyper-personalisation and deliver ROI?
  • Strike the crucial balance between automated email marketing functions and keeping the human touch to generate meaningful email campaigns which meet customer expectations
  • Ethical automation: examine best practice for investing in automation that removes bias and creates inclusive and accessible content for all customers

Nick Masca, Head of Data Science (Growth & Personalisation), Marks and Spencer

Stuart Balnaves, Deputy Director Customer Experience, Department for Education

Ghanasham Apte, Head of Data Science, BT

M&S Case Study

12.30 How We’ve Used Machine Learning To Improve Performance, Increase Automation & Transform How We Run CRM

Nick Masca, Head of Data Science (Growth & Personalisation), Marks and Spencer

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Informal Breakout Discussions


A) Apple IOS

B) Deliverability

C) The Sustainability of Email

D) Accessibility of Email

14.00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jonathan Haywood, Director of Omnichannel Customer Development, Holland & Barrett

CUSTOMER-CENTRIC EMAIL - Sky-Rocket Engagement!

14.10 Keep The Customer At The Heart Of Your Email Marketing Strategies With Customer-Centric Campaigns That Secure Brand Engagement & Drive Revenue

  • Implement and tune into feedback mechanisms within your emails to ensure the right content is being delivered to customers to boost engagement
  • Maximise your customer data and CRM tools for customer-focused and personalised emails certain to drive subscription rates up
  • What do your customers care actually about, and what do they not care about? Ensure your content and voice reflects your customer base and behaviours to drive brand awareness and sales

Ashley Coidan, Head of Web & Email Communications, University of Cambridge

14.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.00 Showcase The Success Of Your Email Campaigns With Brand New, Practical & Innovative Measurement Tools & Techniques Which Prove ROI

  • The death of the open rate! With other providers certain to follow suit with Apple’s IOS changes, which new metrics can be implemented to determine email engagement and campaign success?
  • Subject line testing, preloaders, emojis… cultivate an email testing programme that demonstrates the value and ROI of your email marketing function
  • Explore the best tools for customer profiling and segmentation at the top end to deliver successful, tailored and easily-measurable campaigns
  • Pinpointing pain points and overcoming barriers to measurement: what are you really trying to achieve with your emails, and what is your key metric for measuring performance?

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.50 Develop Inspiring Customer-Centric Loyalty & Retention Email Marketing Strategies Guaranteed To Build Deeper Relationships With Customers & Power Acquisition Rates

  • How can loyalty drive customer engagement? Determine exactly how customers want to be rewarded today, and tune in to ever-changing customer expectations to ensure you retain your email customer base
  • One size doesn’t fill all! Effectively capture and handle data around customer trends to drive improvements, retain your current customer base and boost acquisition rates
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback – understand and nurture exactly what email content customers want to maintain their loyalty and ultimately boost customer lifetime value


15.50 Ali Fassi Fihri, UK&I Head of Omnichannel, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc

CUSTOMER JOURNEYS - Resonate & Engage & Double Perspective!

16.30 Cultivate Seamless & Insight-Driven Customer Journeys That Fuel Engagement & Deliver Bottom-Line Results

  • From brand promise to purchase moment… connect key customer touchpoints for sophisticated email journeys and maximised retention rates
  • It’s all about customer journey mapping: explore what tools are out there to give a 360 view of your customer and drive customer-lifecycle improvements
  • A lot has changed in the last 3 years! Tune into changed customer expectations to power consumer-insight-led journeys for your target customers

16.30 Zsuzsanna Blau, Head of Digital Marketing Campaigns, Nokia

16.50 Jude Duncan, Email Marketing Manager, schuh Case Study

17.10 Content, Customer Journeys & Data Frameworks

Alex Ioana, Manager, Digital Content Experience,


17.30 Harness The Latest Consumer Behaviour Patterns, Trends, & Technologies To Disrupt, Revolutionise & Future-Proof Your Email Function & Stay On-Trend

  •  The creator’s economy: stay ahead of the curve with trends from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for fresh and relevant email campaigns in 2023
  • Build the future with new tech advances: which new tech, tools and digital are coming into the frame that could disrupt and revolutionise the future direction of email marketing?
  • What is the future of email marketing? Benchmark with industry peers and forecast the key innovations set to impact the email marketing landscape in 2023 and beyond

Emma Headland, Global e-Commerce Strategic Transformation Manager, Vodafone

Kremena Yordanova, Director Marketing Activiations, Reebok

17.50 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Jonathan Haywood, Director of Omnichannel Customer Development, Holland & Barrett


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