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The Advanced Email Conference Programme – Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact

Demonstrating Results & Multi-Channel Engagement With Advanced, Innovative, Customer-Focused Email Marketing Content & Campaigns

Harness The Latest Tools, Technologies, AI & Automation Innovations, Maximise Customer Engagement With Compelling Content Formats, Drive Revenue With Advanced Personalisation, Targeting & Data Segmentation Strategies & Boost Deliverability & Email ROI: 28th November 2018, The Amba Hotel, London.

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Ulf Tiedemann
Head of Marketing
Merlin Entertainments Plc


09.20 Don’t Be Content With Your Content! Harness Exciting New Formats & Ideas To Boost Email Results & Drive Conversions

  • Spice up the norm! Breathe new life into emails and incorporate interactive and dynamic content to boost engagement and conversions
  • Don’t get boxed in by an inbox… incorporate engaging videos and real-time content without getting the cold shoulder from spam filters
  • What’s the ROI on employing real-time content after the upfront expenditure? Are consumers and the mass market ready to adopt interactivity as the new norm?
  • Develop value-adding content which really drives engagement and spend and demonstrably increases campaign success

09.20 Perspective One
Octavia Reeve
Head of Content Strategy
Royal College of Art

09.35 Perspective Two
Darren Gallagher
Deputy Head of Marketing & Communications
Exeter College


09.50 Exploit Next-Generation Personalisation Techniques To Better Engage With Customers, Ensure Your Content Is Spot-On & Drive Revenue

  • Innovate your personalisation methods with a more nuanced approach to contacting your customers to boost customer engagement and revenue
  • Ensure your data is up to standard to get the most out of your targeted emails to make personalisation worth the time and effort
  • Hyper-personalisation at hyperspeed! Get to grips with predictive modelling strategies based on customer behaviours and purchasing habits to put the right content in front of them every time
  • It drives conversions and connects with the customer, but what are the practical, quick wins personalisation can bring to the table?

09.50 Perspective One
Speaker To Be Confirmed

10.05 Perspective Two
Chris Insall
Customer Communications Manager
Virgin Holidays

10.20 Informal Networking Break & Morning Refreshments


10.50 How To Become An Email Champion With Scalable Personalisation

Dave Holland
Regional Director


11.05 Maximise The Impact Of Your Email Campaigns With Advanced Segmentation & Data Handling Strategies To Guarantee Targeted Communications With Your Customers

  • Capture, integrate and leverage data efficiently to create targeted emails and increase sales and engagement
  • One size doesn’t fit all! Utilise advanced data segmentation techniques to get the most out of your big data sets and optimise your email marketing
  • Push the boundaries: think outside the box when it comes to innovative ways to segment your data
  • In the wake of GDPR, what are the best methods to access more data and mitigate the impact of reduced mailing lists and reach?

11.05 Perspective One
Catherine Marston
Global CRM Manager

11.25 Perspective Two
Alice Cornell
Director of Email Deliverability

11.25 Perspective Two
Pascale Frazer-Carole
Senior Campaigner


11.40 Delve Beneath The Bright & Shiny Exterior Of New Tools & Technologies & Accurately Ascertain Their Practicality & Value

  • It’s like Christmas has come early! With a wealth of new technologies readily available, where should email marketers be focusing their budgets and time?
  • Cutting through the noise and breaking down the practical benefits that individual tools can bring to the table
  • Keep updated on the future trends and developments going on within email and AI. Will in-email purchases, subject line automation or another dark horse reign supreme?

Alex Croker
Head of Outbound Channels
Nectar Loyalty

Komal Helyer
Marketing Director

Elliot Ross
Taxi for Email

12.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email


12.10 Achieving Campaign Relevancy At Scale - How Thomas Cook Is Using Deep Learning To Reinvent Email Targeting And Planning

Find out how Thomas Cook aligned their business goals & campaign agenda with a customer-centric targeting strategy to boost revenue. Katy & Ryan will discuss how AI can deliver fast, pragmatic help to alleviate some of the biggest challenges in email marketing: incremental revenue; data & analytics; scaling personalisation; talent shortages; budget compression.

Ryan Cotton, Head of E-Commerce and CRM, Thomas Cook UK

Katy Bennett, Director UK & Ireland, Tinyclues


12.30 Leverage Seamless, Value-Adding & Practical Email Marketing AI & Automation Strategies To Demonstrate ROI

  • What successes are people having with AI and automation on a practical level? How can we quickly and efficiently optimise email marketing strategies on bigger and faster scales?
  • Better integrate automation technologies with ESPs, user behaviours and customer purchasing history to improve accuracy and results
  • Best-practice advice on scripts to automate processes and DIY improvement tips you can just make once it’s up and running
  • Being intelligent non-artificially… doing more to converse with customers and understand their previous transactions

Parry Malm

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers, Sponsored By BounceX


13.20 Facilitated Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A. Multi-Channel Engagement

Jane Stocks
Head of Brand Marketing
BMI Healthcare

C. Data & Targeting

Tom Wheatley
Head of Data
Shortlist Media Ltd

B. Customer Journeys

Diana Comsa
Head of CRM & Insight
Benefit Cosmetic

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks


14.00 Leverage Seamless, Value-Adding & Practical Email Marketing AI & Automation Strategies To Demonstrate ROI

  • Hear how Amazon make the most of dynamic content to boost interactivity and engagement with their email marketing campaigns.

Sasha Chang
Email Marketing Manager


14.20 Get Ahead In The Post-GDPR Landscape & Continue To Engage Customers With Responsible & Savvy Email Campaigns

  • What innovative methods are other companies employing in order to recuperate data in the wake of reduced mailing lists?
  • Now the dust has settled, how have different industries responded? What’s the norm post-GDPR and are we now all on the same page?
  • Find your feet in the brave new world… what should we be expecting, preparing for and looking out for moving forward?

Gaelle Comte
Head of Consumer Marketing
Virgin Red

Greg Foster
Head of Membership & Engagement
Liberal Democrats

Louisa McCarron
Loyalty Data Lead
Costa Coffee

Sarah Jones
Senior CRM Manager

Tom Wheatley
Head of Data
Shortlist Media Ltd

Emma Rushy
CRM & Insights Manager
Jack Wills

Alex Cash
Privacy Consultant


14.50 According to research, Travel brands’ emails perform less well than other industries. Why is this and how can you buck the trend? With so many shiny new technologies out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

Dani reveals what’s really important when building an email strategy that performs. She’ll be sharing case studies, tips and advice to help you identify what’s right for your subscribers, turn your plans into reality and deliver on your email objectives.

Danielle Woolley
Head of Customer Success


15.05 Identify & Measure The Value Of Your Email Marketing & Multi-Channel Campaigns With ROI-Boosting Strategies & Advice

  • What are the key drivers today that determine success and positive ROI for email campaigns?
  • Where does email sit when it comes to measuring customer purchasing behaviours? Should it fixedly be considered a first-click driver or a last-click touchpoint?
  • Delve beneath the numbers and gain a better grasp of industry standards regarding metrics, averages and trends in email marketing

Elena Tampieri
Head of Campaign Insight, Planning & Delivery

15.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email

15.45 Informal Networking Break & Afternoon Refreshments


16.15 Reinforce Your Campaigns With Effective & Strategic Email Communications For A Seamless Customer Experience

  • Top tips on communicating directly with customers via push notifications, apps and social channels – what does the future look like for businesses looking to grow in those spaces?
  • Develop a seamless customer journey propped up by targeted, timely emails which get results and still cater to your customers’ preferred channels
  • Maximise engagement at every touchpoint and understand where other channels might be better placed to really influence customer behaviours
  • Optimise your opt-ins! Advice on acquiring email addresses from active customers on social channels to introduce emails into the wider multi-channel mix

James Edwards
Head of Member Value Management


16.35 Give them what they want, when they want it, for as long as they want it! Develop a loyal customer base by taking a nuanced approach to the frequency of email campaigns, consistently putting out engaging content and boosting customer loyalty across their lifecycle.

Gemma Brockbank
Head of Loyalty & Channel Innovation
Marks and Spencer


16.55 Achieve Higher Deliverability, Open Rates & Engagement With Practical, Next-Level Approaches To Ensuring Your Emails Land Consistently

  • Best-practice advice for working with ESPs and their shifting algorithms to circumvent the spam filters and improve deliverability rates
  • With such a surge of dynamic content innovations coming into play, what are they key pitfalls to avoid when it comes to getting emails into inboxes today?
  • Top tips into optimising your subject lines to grab customer attention and ensure your content isn’t lost en route

Joshua Hill
Email Marketing Manager
Marie Curie UK


17.15 Stand Out From The Crowd! Ensure Your Brand & Email Marketing Strategies Remain Relevant & Trump The Competition, Now & In The Future

  • What does the future hold for consumers and email marketers alike in the industry shift towards hyper-personalised, dynamic content
  • What steps should brands be taking to get ahead of the competition in the wake of GDPR and reduced data sets?
  • Is email as a standalone channel still a viable tool to engage the younger generations?
  • With so many emerging tools and technologies to choose from, which horse should we back to drive value and prove ROI?

Paul Davie
Head of CRM

Matthew Simons

Lea Palomba
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations

17.45 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference