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30 In-House Email Innovators Speaking | The Advanced Email Conference Programme

Advanced, Integrated, Customer-Focused Email Marketing For Engaging Content, Campaigns & Journeys: Fresh Ways To Power Your Email Marketing, Cut Through, Stand Out & Add To The Bottom Line! Compelling Content • Next-Level Personalisation • Seamless Multi-Channel Integration • Meaningful Data & Targeting • Fresh Automation & AI Technology • New Tools & Tech Advances • Customer-Centric Email • Measurable Results • Increased Deliverability Rates • Future Focus

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 12th November 2019, Amba Marble Arch, Central London

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.10 GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Onajomo Aggreh
Digital Communications Manager
Transport for London

Personalisation Thought-Leaders - Panel & Q&A

09.20 Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Next-Level Personalisation Methods For Maximum Engagement & Increased Profits

  • Effectively capture and leverage data to personalise emails and anticipate behaviour to truly connect with your customer
  • How important are automation and AI technologies for personalised emails? What are the best tools to not only push personalisation, but also measure its success?
  • Go above and beyond the first name and drive your personalisation strategies forward with innovative ideas to boost customer engagement

Chris Insall, Customer
Communications Manager
Virgin Holidays

Seema Kumari
Digital Marketing &
CRM Director
Hearst Magazines

Simon Haughton
Marketing Director

LSE Retail Group Ltd

Emma Stebbing
CRM & Loyalty
Ideal Shopping Direct

Beniamin Toca
CRM & Loyalty
International – Manager

Charlotte Pike
Head of CRM – The Sun
News UK

Engaging & Inspiring Content

09.50 Create Exciting, Innovative & Dynamic Content That Boosts Interactivity & Excites Customers For Top Email Results

  • What does a good email look like nowadays? Refine content and subject lines with quick-win advice that not only interests customers but ultimately drives them to sale
  • Are you doing dynamic right? Top tips for creating engaging, personalised, dynamic content to increase conversions and retain customers
  • Interactivity, video, kinetic: with so many strategies to choose from, which is right for your business and how can you ensure it won't affect deliverability across multiple devices?

Beth Simpson
CRM & Data Analytics Senior Manager
Canon Europe

Case Study

10.10 Innovative Ideas For Lasting Impact

Dave Holland
Regional Director

10.25 Informal Networking Break & Morning Refreshments

Data & Targeting - Post GDPR

10.55 Unlock The Power Of Data To Inform Your Marketing Comms Strategy & Enable Engaging, Personalised Content

  • Make the most of your data and get as much out of it as possbile with meaningful integration for segmented, targeted campaigns and engaging customer journeys
  • Create a strategy for sourcing, maintaining and cleansing data responsibly in the post-GDPR world
  • More than just personalisation: what can your data tell you to move towards data-driven decision making which delivers what's right for both the customer and you?

David Walker
Head of Integrated Communications Planning
SSE plc

Multi-Channel Integration

11.15 The Opportunities & Challenges For Email As Part Of Our Favourite Adventure – The Multi-Channel Customer Journey! Make Sure Email Plays It’s Part To Increase Customer Engagement, Reach & Customer Satisfaction

  • Effectively join multiple touchpoints together to create smooth experiences across all customer interactions
  • Making email relevant: avoid falling into inbox obscurity by integrating messages across multiple channels to reach at the right time with content they’re going to love receiving
  • Using real-life people to extend your email reach: using face-to-face to sell the benefits of email

Speaker To Be Confirmed. 

Case Study

11.35 Fireside Chat With Top UK Brands: How To Get Personalisation Right At Scale

  • Personalisation is king but how do you get there? Hear how marketers are overcoming obstacles to gain long-term engagement at this fireside chat with top UK brands.

Representative To Be Confirmed

Uber EMEA Engagement

11.50 Hear how Uber have built multi-country strategies and balanced personalisation and scale to create engaging campaigns for all of EMEA, working with the challenges of heavily-regulated markets with different rules across countries, cities, and even councils.

Aline Miotto Leles
EMEA CRM Marketing Manager

Elsa Pollard

Informal Peer-To-Peer Breakout Discussions

12.10 Facilitated & Unfacilitated Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Subject Lines
Emma Stebbing
Loyalty Manager & CRM
Ideal Shopping Direct

B) Post-GDPR
Ashley Coidan
Head of Web & Email Communications
University of Cambridge

C) Action-Driving Content
Dave Britton
Head of Marketing & Communications
Met Office

D) Loyalty Marketing
Yana Stashkevich
Digital Loyalty Manager
Philip Morris Limited

E) Email Testing
Ish Rai
CRM Marketing Manager
Pure Gym Ltd

F) Blacklists

G) Low Budgets

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Automation & AI - Quick Wins

13.50 Consistently Hit The Mark To Boost ROI & Engagement With New Automation & AI Strategies

  • Not just batch and blast! Generate fully-customised and unique emails with practical AI implementation strategies and the latest trends in machine learning
  • Quick wins and best-practice advice to efficiently get started in the automation playing field
  • How can you balance automation technology with the need for human communication to impact deliverability and unsubscribe rates?
  • Demonstrate the reasons behind investing in automation and AI by effectively communicating revenue and ROI for continued buy-in

Matt Baker
Head of CRM Technology Services & Customer Product
Addison Lee

Tools & Tech - Panel Discussion & Q&A

14.10 Get To Grips With The Latest Trends In Technology & Understand What’s Really Worth Your Investment For Tech That Performs & Returns

  • What’s on the market at the moment that suits your business’ needs? More importantly, what’s worth the money?
  • Looking forward to the latest developments in email service providers and how these can affect your email marketing strategy
  • How can new tools and tech be quickly and practically integrated into business as usual?

Donna Storey
Global Digital & UK Marketing Director

Richard Smith
Digital Delivery Manager
Aberdeen Standard Investments

Agatha Bejan
Head of CRM

Customer Focused Email 

14.10 Keep The Customer At The Centre Of Your Email Marketing Strategy With Real Insights Into Understanding The Person Behind The Data For Campaigns That Resonate & Engage

  • More than a one-off message! Maintain consistency across multiple channels and throughout the customer life cycle with retention-boosting, targeted campaigns
  • Maximise customer data and CRM tools for meaningful, interesting and useful, personalised emails which resonate with customers and drive subscriptions
  • Keep content customer-focused by balancing emails which nurture engagement with those designed to sell
  • Leverage customer life cycle marketing data to drive customer-focused decision making and benefits

Marie-Louise Lord, Senior CRM Manager, New Look 

Case Study

15.00 Beyond Accommodation: How Uses Email To Help Travellers Get Around

Dianthe Van Velzen, Product Owner, 

15.20 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.20 Measurement Evidence The ROI & Success Of Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Practical & Innovative Metrics

  • Clicks, opens, unsubs – what’s the best way to quickly determine email engagement and success to demonstrate the value of email to leadership and win continued budgeting support
  • With so many other developing channels, what are the best metrics to prove email is still relevant, worthwhile and making an impact in the mix?
  • Better inform your post-GDPR strategies by fully measuring and understanding the impact of new regulations on your business

Alice Cornell, Director of Email Deliverability, 


16.40 Achieve Higher Deliverability Rates Across The Board With New Strategies That Ensure Emails Land Consistently

  • Implement quick-win strategies today to improve deliverability rates time after time
  • With current trends favouring dynamic and interactive content, how can you guarantee these heavier emails get through gateways and into your customers' inbox?
  • How can you acquire new users without affecting deliverability in the post-GDPR landscape?

Simone Vincent, Head of Email Marketing, Fidelity International

Future of Email Panel

17.00 Where’s It All Going? Understand The Current Shifts In Consumer & Technology Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Curve In 2020 & Beyond

  • Keep your email strategies aligned with changing consumer behaviours and perceptions for campaigns that resonate and feel fresh
  • Will AMP be big? What are the newest ESPs? Keep up with the latest trends and what’s around the corner to stay ahead of the pack!
  • With the rise of social media and changing perceptions around data privacy, how will email fare in the future?

Grant Baillie, Head Of Customer Marketing, The Post Office

Ashley Coidan, Head of Web & Email Communications, University of Cambridge

Eugene Telnov, Senior CRM Projects Manager, PaddyPower Betfair

Yana Stashkevich, Digital Loyalty Manager, Philip Morris Limited

Nichol Callaghan, Head of Digital Marketing, Discover the World

Marie Feliho, Global Head of CRM, Just Eat

17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference