Demand Attention & Drive Conversion Rates With Advanced Personalisation, Data-Driven Insights & Impactful Automation For Customer-Focused, Targeted, Successful & Engaging Email Marketing

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Emma Headland, Global E-Commerce Strategic Transformation Lead, Vodafone


09.10 Equip Yourself With New, Interactive, Innovative & On-Trend Email Content Strategies Which Capture Consumer Attention, Boosts Interactivity & Ultimately Drives Revenue

  • What does an engaging email look like today? What will really capture the attention of your target consumers, and how can you pinpoint this critical information? Examine proven insights to produce expertly delivered content to the right customer at the right time on the right channels
  • Content tabs, images, hover effects, carousels, banners, poles, gifs… uncover the latest insights to create stand-out, engaging content guaranteed to capture attention and increases conversions
  • Critical content questions, answered! What are the trends in email content today? Does imaged win over text? Do gifs secure better open rates? How long should email content be? Is email content an awareness tool today, or is it a driving to purchase tool? 
  • The social landscape is constantly evolving, so how can you keep up with viral content that is fresh, appetising and could be impactful for your email content and campaigns?

Amy Harman, Head of Customer Marketing, Hotel Chocolat Ltd

Samantha Elmidoro, Head of Social Media & Digital Marketing, St Pierre Groupe

Jo Taylor, Head of Brand, Design & Digital, Transport For Greater Manchester

Kate Chatterton, CRM Lead, Brewdog

Lesley Jamieson, Head of Email Marketing, NatWest Group

AI & NEW TECH DELEGATE DISCUSSION - Practical & Actionable

09.40 What Exactly Can AI & New Tech Offer You? Consistently Hit The Mark & Amplify Email Performance By Capitalising On The Latest AI & Tech Advancements Proven To Boost Email Efficiencies

  • Subject line testing, customer segmentation and AI generated copy… automation doesn’t just mean batch and blast! What ways are you capturing AI advancements that drive targeted campaigns and guarantee ROI?
  • Achieve email equilibrium! Strike the right balance between optimising automation without fear of the ‘creepy’ factor – to what extend should you let your consumers decide how they want to be interacted with?
  • What are the latest trends in AI and which systems are offering the most practical solutions for your brand?

EMAIL ACCESSIBILITY & USABILITY - Industry Peers Reported Hot Topic

10.00 Prioritise Accessibility & Usability In Your Email Marketing Strategies With Inclusive Content & Copy Which Guarantees Increased Reach, Fuels Brand Engagement & Long-Term Retention

  • Dark mode, invisible links and hard to read buttons… explore all options to create inclusive and accessible emails for your customer base
  • Around 5-10% of the global population are dyslexic* – how are you writing email copy that is accessible to all, so that your content and emails reach everyone?
  • How are you implementing up-to-date tech which prioritises the user experience of every customer?

Michael Knapp, Lead Email Design & Developer, Skipton Building Society

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.20 Emma-Louise Birch, Senior Manager CRM, Asda

11.20 Bria Edwards-Joseph, CRM Manager, Asda


11.40 Optimise Email As A Critical Part Of An Integrated Omni-Channel Strategy That Maximises Customer Reach, Engagement & Satisfaction

  • Sing from the same hymn sheet! Synchronise your email strategies to your wider marketing mix for seamless and engaging user and customer experiences
  • What role does email play in customer retention today vs. other channels? Ensure email marketing plays the right role in your multi-channel mix to drive marcomms collaboration and level up brand engagement
  • How does offline and online compare, how does email compare as a channel now versus last year, and how can these insights inform future impact? 

Maria-Antonieta Durán de Bombardieri, Director, Business Strategist – Marketing & Thought Leadership, UBS



12.00 Take Your Personalisation To The Next Level & Drive Customer-Centric Email Approaches For Maximised Campaign Engagement & Increased Conversions

  • We are officially past first name subject lines and graphics, so how are you measuring the success of your personalisation efforts to understand the true impact it’s having on email marketing success?
  • Data, data and more data! Have you pinpointed what data is needed to continue to increase your customer insight knowledge for successful personalisation feats?
  • Fuel personalisation at scale with the latest AI and tech developments guaranteed to hit the spot across customer segments
  • Static data, focus groups and feedback surveys… implement customer-first strategies which drive personalised content and boosts email engagement across the board

Imogen Weaver, CRM Manager, John Lewis Financial Services

Catriona Woodward, Global Director, MarTech & Customer Success, Pizza Hut

Padraig O’Halloran, Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Age UK

Tom Newbury, Associate Director- CRM, Ticketmaster

Matt Parsons, Head of CRM Strategy, William Hill

12.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


13.00 Exactly How Can You Navigate Shifting Consumer Behaviour & Expectations To Craft Outstanding & Insight-Led Customer Journeys Which Guarantee Top-Level Engagement?

  • Continually update and refresh your customer journey mapping strategies for seamless transitions across all channels and campaigns 
  • Leverage data surrounding purchase points, customer feedback, and demographics for insight-led and tailored customer journey strategies 
  • From Covid-19 to the cost-of-living crisis, customer expectations will continue to rapidly evolve… tune in to critical customer insights for customer-centric journeys which create truly unique customer experiences

Gianfranco Cuzziol, CRM & Personalisation Lead, Avon International

13.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.50 Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Diversity In Tech

Kim Le, Head of Martech & Operations, THG Ingenuity

B) Privacy & Security
C) Loyalty
D) Segmentation
E) Budgets

14.20 Afternoon Chair’s Remarks

Alice Harling, Head of Marketing, GLOSSIFY


14.30 Abby Worth, Copy Lead, Bloom & Wild

Anna Osborne, Retention Performance Manager, Bloom & Wild

CUSTOMER DATA & TARGETING - Double Perspective

14.40 Refresh & Revitalise Your Data Insights & Analytics To Guarantee High-Impact & Targeted Email Campaigns By Profiling & Segmenting Data To Maximise Bottom-Line Sales

  • How well do you really know your customers? Dig deeper into your customer data and collated insights to drive CRM capabilities further and deliver undeniably increased email engagement levels
  • Static and behavioural data! From demographic data to clicks and open rates ensure you move towards data-driven decisions that guarantee high-impact email marketing
  • Data and personalisation, a match made in heaven! Capture and leverage customer data to fuel tailored and relevant campaigns which truly resonate with customers and secures those critical open rates

14.40 Perspective One

Keayan Mistry, Senior Marketing Executive, Cancer Research UK

15.00 Perspective Two

Sarah Jones, Senior CRM Manager, Auto Trader UK

Zarina Law, Senior CRM Manager, Auto Trader UK

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 Email Marketers Biggest Challenge: Tackling Deliverability! Uncover Critical Approaches To Boost Email Deliverability Rates & Navigate Gateways To Guarantee Safe Inbox Landing

  • Benchmarking success and maximise your email deliverability rates year on year by examining best practices, lessons learned, and what to avoid
  • With dynamic and interactive content growing in popularity, how can you ensure ‘heavier’ emails successfully land in customers’ inboxes and ultimately lead to increased conversion rates?
  • SPF, DKIM & BIMI… keep up to date with verification methodologies and understand exactly what could be coming next that could affect deliverability 
  • From abandonment emails to replenishment and renewal, create highly relevant email campaigns which truly connect with your target customers whilst simultaneously driving conversion rates

MEASUREMENT & ROI - Showcase Results

16.30 Capture The Success Of Your Email Marketing Strategies With Up-To-Date, Practical & Innovative Measurement & Metrics

  • With customer micro-segmentation growing in strength, explore the best measurement tools and metrics to deliver tailored campaigns which accelerates revenue growth
  • From CTR to list growth rate, what are the best methods to determine email engagement levels and ultimately demonstrates the ROI of your efforts?
  • With so many marketing and comms channels in the mix, what are the best measurement techniques and metrics which can prove and validate the viability of email marketing?
  • Measurement between inbox placements is key, so how can you drive this and secure those critical conversions monitoring your IP address?

Joe Luckham, Email Marketing Manager, RAC


16.50 Get Ahead Of The Curve & Competition! Power Fit-For-Future Email Marketing Strategies Which Harness The Latest Trends, Technologies & Behaviour Patterns For Maximised Campaign Success

  • Funnel software, micro-segmentation and email newsletters… keep pace with the changing email marketing curve to fuel campaign engagement and boost ROI
  • How are you keeping your email strategies aligned to shifting consumer behaviours for high-impact campaigns which consistently engage?
  • What does the future look like for email marketing? Benchmark with industry peers and forecast the trends set to disrupt the email landscape in 2024 and beyond

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

Alice Harling, Head of Marketing, GLOSSIFY


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