28 Cross-Sector, Brand-Side Email Experts Dig Into Hot Trends & New Tech From AI To Automation, Journeys, Data & Design For

Advanced, Customer-Centric, Personalised & Compelling Email Marketing Campaigns Which Enhance Experience, Conversions & Loyalty

20th June 2024 | Central London

20th June | Central London



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Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Vineeta Anuj, Director of Customer Experience, Mindful Chef



Attention-Grabbing Content

How Is The Email Copywriting Landscape Changing Day-By-Day? From AI Tools To Snappy Writing: Sure-Fire Techniques To Tailor Your Content & Deliver Engaging Emails That Sky-Rocket Brand Retention

  • Keep pace with current email trends to develop irresistible calls to action with creative content, subjects and formats to actively invite customers to engage
  • The impact of generative AI: integrate new AI software into your content strategy through pushing the boundaries of personalised modular campaigns
  • Automation versus human touch: create a match made in heaven through combining the nuance of copywriters with the versatility of AI to develop a unique brand voice
  • The possibilities of personalisation: generate creative content to for email campaigns as unique as your customers and which result in increased open, click through and conversion rates

Hussein Akins, Senior CRM Executive, Octopus Money



AI As A Tool For Email Success – Business Critical Updates

Exploit AI As A Tool To Enhance Productivity, Spark Inspiration, Accelerate Personalisation & Maximise Email Conversion Rates

  • Does AI know your customer voice better than you do? But you know your brand voice better than AI… Strike the balance of out-of-the-box, new, AI-generated ideas with that all-important human nuance for brand-faithful campaigns that resonate
  • Beyond the ChatGPT bandwagon: define actionable ways AI can elevate your email content to maximise ROI and prioritise customer interests
  • With AI’s impact still not felt completely, how can business cases be built to build trust and ensure buy-in for AI transformation and campaigns?

Rufus Kendall, CRM Centre of Excellence Lead, NatWest Group

Alex Pierre-Traves, Head of Email Marketing, Fidelity International

Tom Newbury, Associate Director, CRM, Ticketmaster



Customer-Centric Email

Provide Demonstrable Value From Your Campaigns With Customer-Centric Email Strategies That Drive Engagement & Secure Brand Loyalty

  • Defining the “why”: nurture your customer data to avoid bombardment and cultivate clear objectives behind campaign planning to make email part of the holistic and meaningful CX
  • Where does email fit in your brand strategy? Implement long-term feedback mechanisms to ensure email is building long-term brand engagement
  • Haunted by 1000s of unreads? Understand why email campaigns fail and cut through the noise to provide content for customers that resonates and drives ROI

Emma-Louise Birch, Head of CRM, Asda

Bria Edwards-Joseph, CRM Manager, Asda



Reserved For Zeta Global

Ross Halliday, VP CRM, UK, Zeta Global

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Next-Level Personalisation – Updated Advancements

Advance Personalisation Tactics With Razor-Sharp Objectives & Air-Tight Data To Create Memorable Emails That Sky-Rocket Customer Conversion

  • Strike the balance between catch-all campaigns and invasive, overly-personalised emails with techniques that hit the true sweet spot that boosts brand-loyalty
  • Elevate advancements in AI to respond to new trends and needs to embed the wow factor into your campaigns
  • Why personalise? Define clear objectives and outcomes to your call to action to analyse appropriate personalise techniques to create content that truly adds value
  • Hear best practice and develop dynamic personalised email designs that respond to accessibility, images and format to stand out from the crowd and drive conversion rates

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Ex CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co.

Ashley Coidan, Head of Web & Email Communications, University of Cambridge

Abby Wheeler, Senior CRM Executive, Waitrose and Partners

Tammi Kallenberg, Head of CRM, Betfair

Daniel Pilkington, Head of Digital Marketing, Aston University

Rob Murphy, CRM Lead, Co-op



Email In The Omnichannel Mix

Where Does Email Fit? In A Constantly Shifting Omnichannel Channel Landscape, Define Email’s Role To Add Value, Increase Customer Reach & Elevate Brand Loyalty

  • Cut through the noise! In a world of constant spam, deliver consistent creative content to steal your customer’s attention in a competitive market
  • In the dynamic social media environment, define the qualities email adds to your omnichannel mix to create holistic customer experiences
  • How can email support non-linear customer journeys to connect touch points and enhance customer satisfaction?

12:10 Perspective 1

Adam Pow, Head of Engagement, Virgin Red

12:30 Perspective 2

Athina Kontostathi, Senior CRM Manager, William Hill



Gold-Standard Automation – Next Level

Leverage Advancements In Email Automation To Streamline Processes, Power Personalisation & Drive Customer Conversion

  • How can automation drive hyper-personalisation of email campaigns to deliver the wow-factors that truly activates customers?
  • Strike the right balance between automated processes and the human touch to ensure customer contact is truly meaningful and engaging
  • Delivering automation can seem like a huge undertaking, so how can the internal change of integrating automation strategies be eased to ensure the greatest success?

Liz Richards, Senior CRM Manager, Primark

Lorna Edwards, Customer Engagement Specialist, Primark



Reserved For Emarsys



Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

14:00 Peer-To-Peer Discussions

a) Accessibility

b) Deliverability

c) Future Trends

Heather Rignall, Senior Email Executive, Bravissimo 

d) The Strategic Role of Email



Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Ex CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co.

Alex Pierre-Traves, Head of Email Marketing, Fidelity International



Reserved For Armadillo

Supercharging email: how journeys that listen, learn and entertain deliver exceptional performance

Talking through 2 award-winning case studies, Rob will demonstrate how you can create branded worlds within email that deliver exceptional results and keep the customer at their heart.

Rob Pellow, Executive Technical Director, Armadillo Associates



Data & Targeting – Attract & Retain

Generate Quality Data Insights With Effective Data Collection & Analysis To Determine Your Customer Needs & Expectations For Heightened CRM Capabilities

  • As AI and automation strategies demand more and better customer data, stay crystal clear on updated GDPR laws to protect customers and your brand
  • Quality data in, quality emails out: what avenues can generate rock-solid data to build effective customer profiles
  • How much data is enough? Streamline your generation of quality data through reusing content and clear-cut objectives to create informed and enhanced email performance
  • The ethics of email: develop effective customer communications to maintain transparency about data-use, reduce fearmongering and build trustful customer bases

14:50 Perspective 1: 

Anaïs Agout, Senior CRM Coordinator UK & IRL, L’Occitane en Provence

15:10 Perspective 2:

Shauna Murphy, CRM Manager, Hotel Chocolat



Customer Journeys

Email Into Holistic & Unified Customer Journeys That Connect Sophisticated Content & Guarantee Brand Loyalty

  • Consistency is key! Connect brand messaging across your omnichannel strategy to develop consistent email design for familiar and insight-led customer relationships
  • Innovate and automate: how can AI and automation tools support customer journey mapping to drive sales conversion rates?
  • Identify customer expectations to power memorable content to enhance engagement and motivate calls to action

Rachael Thornton, Head of CRM, Boden



Reserved For Validity

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Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



Customer Loyalty & Retention – Attract & Retain

Define Email’s Role In Retaining Customers In An Increasingly Competitive Market To Boost Retention & Long-Term Loyalty

  • Build in high quality and personalisation standards to exceed customer expectations with reliably creative and engaging emails which increase open rates and nurture valuable customer relationships
  • Develop data capture techniques that truly comprehend what loyal customers need from email to drive relevance and maximise retention rates
  • Mine your data-rich repeat customer interactions to deepen loyal customer relationships through hyper-personalisation techniques with unique content tailored to tiny customer bases

Megan Wood, Customer Marketing Lead, Mindful Chef

Hussein Akins, Senior CRM Executive, Octopus Money

Athina Kontostathi, Senior CRM Manager, William Hill

Natasha Reynolds, Global Head of CRM, Huel

Lucy Wigglesworth, Head of CRM, Tesco Bank

Gabriella Johnson, Loyalty Lead, John Lewis & Partners

Anaïs Agout, Senior CRM Coordinator UK & IRL, L’Occitane en Provence




Measurement & ROI – Prove Value

Prioritise Performance! Determine The Best Methods Of Understanding Customer Behaviour & To Ensure Campaign Confidence & Enhanced Customer Response

  • Maximise email impact with clear call-to-action signposting to drive revenue – and ensure that this can be tracked and attributed to specific campaigns within the wider holistic customer picture
  • Direct vs indirect ROI? Confidently assign value to your customer touchpoints to assess the indirect influence of your email campaigns
  • When does measurement go too far? Set boundaries with your data capture to build trustful and transparent customer relationships

Edward Cunningham, Senior CRM Data & Campaigns Manager, Vision Express



Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Ex CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co.

Alex Pierre-Traves, Head of Email Marketing, Fidelity International