Movable Ink scales content personalisation for marketers through data-activated content generation and AI decisioning. 

Most companies know the value of personalisation and have the data, but are still unable to deliver 1:1 creative in an efficient, scalable way. Movable Ink is a content personalisation platform. It taps into the data and creative assets a company has and automatically transforms them into personalised content unique to each customer, at the moment of engagement. The platform eliminates manual processes like producing creative variations, coding, or having to rebuild content for every channel and campaign. 

The world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink to maximise revenue, simplify workflow and boost marketing agility.

SEINō is a powerful email analytics platform that can connect to almost any email platform and automatically generates detailed reports and insights, including ecommerce performance. Save time and focus on growth while our platform handles the hard work. Any marketer can now easily monitor campaigns, create dashboards, and get instant email marketing insights in seconds.

SEINō generates reports and insights for great Dutch organisations like Zeeman, Easytoys, Schiphol Airport, Kwantum, Sacha, Manfield, Lucardi, Kwantum, Fletcher Hotels and many more.