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30 Email Marketing Innovators Offer The Latest, Customer-Focused Email Marketing Case Studies! Download The Advanced Email Conference - Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact Brochure Here

We gather senior-level, practitioner-led professionals to debate mission critical business issues with top speakers and invaluable networking. We will use your information to predict what you might be interested in. We will treat your data with respect and you can find the details of our privacy policy here. If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Here's What You Can Expect At Europe's 8th Annual, One-Day, Advanced Email Conference:

  • 29 Brand-Side, Industry-Leading Speakers Tacking Your Toughest Email Marketing Challenges
  • New Brand-Side Case Studies To Help You Cut Through & Stand Out!
  • 10th Annual Event!
  • Europe's Only Independent, One-Day, Brand-Led Email Marketing Conference
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate In 2019
  • 90% Brand-Side Audience
  • Intimate Group Discussion: COVID-19 Crisis Learnings
  • Digital Advances, New Tech Advisory Board
  • Personalisation Thought Leaders
  • Interactive Hot Topic Panel Debates
  • 6 Informal Breakout Discussions

‘Informative and engaging… Fantastic speakers and a great forum for networking.’ Superdrug