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The Advanced Email Conference Programme

Demonstrating Results & Multi-Channel Engagement With Targeted, Integrated & Innovative Email Marketing Content & Campaigns

Power Your Email Marketing With Conversion-Boosting, Customer-Centric & Innovative Strategies To Cut Through, Stand Out & Add To The Bottom Line

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 17th November 2015 At A Brand NEW Venue, One America Square, London. Download brochure here.

09.00 Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Robert Halkyard
Head of Audience Engagement


09.10 Engaging, Creative & Cutting-Edge Content Which Maximises Impact, Excites Customers & Delivers Enhanced Results

  • What type of content catches audience attention and boosts campaign success? Real, dynamic and visual content from video to subject lines
  • Creating content which instils a sense of trust and helps build long-term relationships with a diverse set of customers. How do retention and acquisition campaigns differ?
  • Creating the perfect balance between a detailed and informative campaign without becoming a boring text-heavy email
  • Pushing the boundaries – what cutting-edge innovation can you incorporate into your emails to drive responsiveness, boost results and increase conversions?
  • Responsive design – how do you maximise responsiveness in your email templates?

Trish Dongo
Email Marketing Manager
John Lewis Financial Services


09.30 Boosting Engagement, Responsiveness & Conversions With Advanced Targeting & Data Segmentation Techniques Which Ensure Customers Get The Right Message At The Right Time

  • Right place, right time! How can segmentation be used with dynamic content to improve your click-through rates and conversions?
  • Getting your data in order – how can you better target your emails with the data you have?
  • How granular should your segmentation be to provide optimal campaign results?
  • How automated campaigns can be incorporated into your segmentation and targeting strategy for demonstrable results
  • Understanding the results – what are your customers specifically doing and how can you better talk to them?

Mat Finch
Marketing Director
Warner Leisure Hotels

Emma Tyler
Email Marketing
Warner Leisure Hotels


09.50 Case Study


10.10 Best-Practice Advice On Personalisation & Automation – Enhancing Your Results By Instilling An Added Personal Touch

  • What does personalisation actually mean in email marketing?
  • How complex should the personalisation be in your email marketing?
  • Taking personalisation to the next level: improve, create and increase your one-to-one customer marketing
  • Best practice on implementing personalisation across different systems and campaigns to create a cohesive, personal communication
  • What is the ROI behind personalisation? The results you should expect to see and where to find it
  • Getting your data in order – how to arrange your data in order to increase your personalisation capabilities
  • Enhancing your automation strategy from a simple welcome programme to full CRM for maximum impact

10.10 Perspective One
Andrew Smith
Email Marketing Manager
JD Williams

10.30 Perspective Two
Tugrul Ates
Personalisation & Automation Manager

10.50 Morning Refreshments With Informal Facilitated Networking


11.25 Don’t Sabotage Your IP Address! Ensure Your Emails Seamlessly Arrive In Your Customer’s Inbox Every Time

  • ISP systems – understanding the key differences between Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook etc to ensure your emails are optimised for all email systems and don’t trigger spam filters
  • Detailing the recent and upcoming ISP changes to guarantee your emails are compatible to provide maximum results
  • Tailoring your emails for optimal design and responsiveness for each ISP
  • Utilising testing – boosting your email deliverability prospects through smart testing

Daniel Jakubowicz
Senior CRM Manager
Dixons Carphone


11.45 Tracking & Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Email Campaigns To Prove Value For Money & Demonstrate Success

  • What results should you be striving for and how do the metrics differ between acquisition and retention?
  • Tracking customer behaviour – pinpointing how customers interact after opening your email to ensure you are one step ahead with your marketing
  • Pinpointing the specific moments in the customer life cycle which are important. Contact your customer at the perfect time
  • Lessons learned on your testing and the effect it has on open and click-through rates

Colin Lewis
Director of Marketing
bmi regional

Kim Floyd
Senior CRM
Live Nation

Dan Lines
Email Marketing Manager
Macmillan Cancer Support

Kim Doan
Head of CRM
Global Radio

12.15 Best Practices For Utilising Realtime Content In Email
There is a lot of hype surrounding contextual marketing nowadays. In this session, cut past the marketing spin and explore emerging best practices for leveraging ‘moment of open’ data in email to serve content such as countdown timers, embedded videos, live web feeds, live weather forecasts and much more. Nearly a dozen examples will be cited. Design and usage tips will be shared along with aggregate performance data.

Dave Holland
Regional Director

12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.05 Industry Roundtable Discussions; Peer Brainstorming Clinics (20 mins during lunch)

A) Data Segmentation
Jeremy Depauw
CRM Manager
Danone ltd

B) How To Drive Loyalty Through Email
Rachel Jamieson
Email Strategy Manager
Shop Direct

C) Making An Impact With Video

D) CRM – Capabilities & Innovations

13.40 Afternoon Chairperson’s Remarks
Claus Hansen
Regional Campaigns Manager Nordics
Unibet Ltd


13.50 Integrate Email Into Multi-Channel Campaigns & Maximise Its Role In The Customer Journey To Boost Results & Conversions Across All Platforms

  • Understanding the specific role of email within the whole digital picture – seamlessly integrate your content across every platform to ensure you are running a cohesive campaign
  • Best-practice linkage with your CRM systems and advice on ensuring projects across multiple systems are customer centric and consistent
  • Demonstrating tangible results from combined campaigns and comparing response rates
  • Role of SMS – annoying and old-fashioned or making a comeback?

13.50 Perspective One
Phil Singer
Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Oxford University Press

14.10 Perspective Two
Nickey Best
Head of CRM


14.30 Optimise Mobile Email Design & Features For A Smoother, Results-Boosting Customer Journey

  • Best-practice clean, clear and responsive email design which is optimised for conversion on mobile
  • Personalised content for mobile – should you amend content for each device to increase compatibility and response/click-through rates?
  • How consumers use and view emails on mobiles compared to a desktop/tablet: does this affect usage and how should we change emails based on customer behaviour and habits?
  • Mobile’s role in the customer journey – tracking the user journey and contacting customers at the touchpoint that suits them the best

Shabnam Makee
Senior Email & SMS Producer
Oxfam GB


14.50 How Most Do It Wrong While Telling You They’re Great

  • What happens when buzzwords start to trend and then become watered down, augmented and ultimately devalued? That’s what is happening with two words right now – two very important words – personalisation and contextualisation.
  • Along with dynamic content, people are conflating these terms to mean one vaguely positive sounding concept “to send relevant messages”. However, there is a big difference between sending an email that has the correct language for each recipient (ie, dynamic) and sending a message that is triggered by the customer action and contains content which optimized in that moment based on their situation (contextualization).
  • Doing the latter requires a level of sophistication that is harder than some companies would have you believe, but yield greater results than ever.
  • Learn the importance of contextualisation and how you need to send relevant, contextual messages to your customer to strengthen your relationship, increase purchase opportunities and most importantly – not lose them to competitors.

Jess Stephens

15.10 Afternoon Refreshments With Informal Facilitated Networking


15.45 What’s Next For Email? Upcoming Consumer & Email Marketing Technologies Which You Should Be Ready For – Stay On Trend

  • How should email adjust to new technologies and customer behaviour to stay relevant and up-to-date?
  • A look to current and future innovations, trends and technologies and email’s role within the marketing and comms mix
  • Utilising video – where is the technology heading and who should you be targeting with it?
  • Should you be preparing for new consumer technologies such as smart watches and how will this change the customer journey?

Nicola Horner
Digital Engagement Manager, Premier Banking

Linda Knight
Digital Marketing Manager

Chris Pook
Senior eCRM Manager
Marie Curie

Jack Taylor
eCRM Manager
Universal Music Group

Leanne Harrison
CRM Manager
Karen Millen


16.15 Selecting The Best ESP To Create A Seamlessly Integrated Relationship & Produce Enhanced Results For Your Organisation

  • Picking the right supplier – how do you know they are the right fit for you?
  • How can you best utilise and collaborate with your ESP for enhanced impact on your email campaigns?
  • Outlining best practice behind integrating a new system with your current database

Menaxi Mistry
European Data & Insights Manager
Best Western Hotels


16.35 Integrating Email & Social To Work Together For Improved Impact, Engagement & Click Through

  • Best practice on factoring social media into your email campaigns to boost the bottom-line results of both
  • Outlining how you encourage email sign up through social to increase your customer database – beyond the share button!
  • Advice on profiling your email customers within social to enhance the impact of your email marketing campaigns and the wider marketing mix

Gary Dunleavy
Digital Development & Operations Manager
Tourism Ireland Limited

16.55 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Advanced Email Conference – Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact, please email