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The Advanced Email Conference Programme

Demonstrating Impact On The Bottom Line With Engaging, Targeted & Integrated Advanced-Level Email Marketing

Power Your Email Marketing With The Latest Technological Innovations & Get Your Content, Data, Measurement & Multi-Channel Strategies Right To Minimise Your Input For Maximum Output

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 19th November 2014, The Museum of London Docklands, London. Download brochure here.

8.30 Scene Setting & Informal Networking Over Breakfast
Vincent-Wayne Mitchell
Professor of Consumer Marketing
Cass Business School, City University London

09.00 Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Tim Sinclair
Head of Marketing & Online Channels
Islamic Bank of Britain


09.10 Creating Engaging, Relevant & Enticing Content To Boost Conversion Rates & Create An Impact

  •  What sort of content works the best – and what hinders performance?
  • How can we write the right sort of content and wording to engage our different demographics?
  • Turning your organisation into a content creation hub to generate the freshest content from within the ranks
  • Creating content around long-term relationship building and lifetime value strategies, not short-term campaigns
  • Perfecting the art of localising and targeting content
  • How can you identify where click-throughs can be directly attributed to compelling content?
  • What’s the best way to follow up an email which actively engages your customer to keep the momentum going? And when should you stop chasing a non-responder?

09.10 Perspective One
Richard Thurston
Digital Marketing Manager
Macmillan Cancer Support

09.25 Perspective Two
Kevin Hurst
Senior Manager, CRM

PLUS! Joint Q&A


09.40 Seamlessly Integrating Email Into Multi-Channel Campaigns & Quantifying Its Role In The Customer Journey

  • Quantifying the role email plays within an integrated, multi-channel campaign
  • Tracking the user journey from email to mobile, to websites to apps and contacting customers at whichever touchpoint best suits them
  • Striking the balance between frequency, volume and tone within cross-channel interactions
  • Demonstrating tangible results from combined campaigns and comparing response rates

Speaker To Be Announced


10.00 What Are The Top 5 Most Effective Things You Can Do (& Must Avoid!)?
Simone Vincent
Email & SMS Senior Manager
British Gas

Case Study

10.15 Measuring & Driving The Email Metrics That Matter
66% of marketers focus on open rate as the primary metric for email performance analysis, but the most valuable elements of a successful email program lie deep beneath surface metrics like opens and clicks. In this session, we’ll review analytical frameworks for understanding the metrics that truly matter to revenue and long-term customer value, techniques for discerning between quality and quantity in your conversions and a variety of “quick wins” to help you move the needle today on the the metrics that really matter most.

Cassie Lanncellott
VP of Analytics & Optimisation

10.35 Informal, Facilitated Networking & Refreshment Break


11.00 Measuring The Effectiveness & ROI Of Your Email Marketing To Prove Value For Money & Demonstrate Success

  • Assessing the pros and cons of various methods and tools to track and measure response rates and conversions
  • The numbers don’t lie – backing up your activity with tests and understandable metrics
  • Understanding how to monitor and track customer behaviour following an email
  • How can you measure engagement and the psychology behind why something worked?
  • Making the business case for investment in new technology with hard evidence of an uplift in sales and/or awareness

Matthew Crole-Rees
Head of ECRM

Davnet Reid
Head of Customer Experience & Analytics


11.20 Advanced Targeting & Data Segmentation – Getting The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time

  • Profiling, personas and the data points that matter
  • How to prioritise the number and timing of emails to only the most relevant
  • Behavioural and retargeting campaigns – top tips
  • Quick wins to take away

Chris Pook
Email Marketing & Affiliate Manager
Carnival UK, P&O Cruises


11.40 Best-Practice Advice On Personalisation & Automation – Target The Right Customer With The Right Offer

  • Is it worth investing in personalisation? Just how much does it add to the bottom line?
  • How can you use dynamic content effectively within an email template – are small tweaks or a whole overhaul needed and does it fit in with the overall brand design?
  • Best-practice use of behavioural programmes to trigger automated emails – lifecycle and trigger-related emails you cannot afford to miss
  • Beyond welcome emails and retention programmes, what can automation do for you and how can you give your automated emails longevity and impact?

11.40 Perspective One

Jonathan J Mansley
Head of Data, Analytics & Insight

11.55 Perspective Two

Natalie Addo
Head of Customer Engagement

12.15 People Buy From People – How To Add Humanity Into Your Email Program
There is no escaping the fact that consumers prefer to buy from brands that provide them with the best overall experience; the brands that go further than delivering on their promises and regularly surprise and delight customers.

Too often when we hear that phrase as marketers, we start to look for the big surprises that we can deliver to customers, when in reality the small surprises are the ones that tend to have the biggest impact. These small surprises come in many forms, but can all be grouped under the notion of making digital interactions less sterile, warmer and more fun. In other words, these surprises all add a bit of humanity and personality back into the process.

This presentation will expand on this notion and show practical examples of how brands have done this across their email programs.

Skip Fidura
Client Services Director

12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.15 Informal Roundtable Discussions; Peer Experience Exchanges (20 mins during lunch)

A) Free Sweets! The Art Of Incentivising People To Sign-Up For Your Emails (The Challenges Of Data Acquisition)
Chloe Jones
EMEA Email Marketing Manager

B) Raising the profile and positioning of email marketing within the organisation
Marcus Chrysostomou
Head of External Communications
Kent County Council

C) Is email too old fashioned now?
Dan Elman
CRM Manager
Financial Times

D) How do you best maintain a relevant relationship when dealing with infrequent purchases and long purchase cycles?
Simone Vincent
Email & SMS Senior Manager
British Gas

13.35 Conference Reconvenes

Case Study

13.40 Case Study From LiveIntent
Dave Hendricks


14.00 Boosting Your Open & Click Through Rates – What Works, What Doesn’t?
Sarah Brown
Senior Digital Communications Officer


14.15 Understanding How Email & Social Media Can Best Work Together To Enhance The Impact Of Both

  • Beyond the share button, how can email and social complement each other?
  • Using email and social media in conjunction to capture customer feedback and give excellent customer service
  • Measuring the impact of social media on email and visa versa
  • Integrating unstructured data from social media into email systems for usable insight

James Bagley
Marketing Director
Naked Wines


14.35 Selecting The Best ESPs & Suppliers For Your Organisation & Working Effectively Together For Impactful, Deliverable & Innovative Campaigns

  • Choosing between new email broadcasting systems and suppliers
  • Advice on how to best integrate a new system with your current database and working practices
  • Maximising deliverability
  • If I had known that at the start, I would have done it differently!

Rob Christie
Senior Manager – Customer Contact Targeting
Nationwide Building Society


14.50 Using Data & Insight To Develop A Customer-Centric Email Strategy

Rob McGowan
Associate Director – Data & Insight
Response One

Paul Davie
CRM Manager


15.10 Future-Proofing Your Business By Adapting Your Email Marketing Strategies To New Technologies, Innovations & Changing Digital Landscapes

  • How will email adjust to new technologies to stay relevant and up-to-date?
  • Innovative and forward-thinking ways to incorporate email into a brave new digital world
  • Understanding the impact and opportunities afforded by Google+, HTML5, wearable technology and video
  • What’s coming up in the next few years and what should you be getting in on early?
  • Taking a look at current and future innovations, trends and technologies and email’s role within the marketing and comms mix. Where is email heading?

Dan Elman
CRM Manager
Financial Times

Ros Lawler
Director of Ecommerce

15.30 Informal, Facilitated Networking & Refreshment Break


16.15 It’s All In The Subject Line!
Sue Macmillan
Commercial Director


16.30 Making An Impact With Video

In this practical applications case study, we will explore what you can do with video and where you can use it in reality as you experiment with richer content that’s actually deliverable.

Tim Sinclair
Head of Marketing & Online Channels
Islamic Bank of Britain


16.45 Investigating Current Design Trends & Best-Practice Advice On Optimising Your Emails For Mobile Devices

  • Designing emails with mobile and tablets in mind – optimising for modernised email designs and implementing responsive design cost effectively
  • Discussing the relative merits of dedicated copy for mobile vs. responsive design
  • Comparing conversion rates on mobiles vs. desktops and how best to track mobile activities
  • Is there a better, more persuasive, way to target mobile users?
  • Scrutinising the latest analysis on best-performing email structures and designs
  • The practicalities of developing a responsive website and moving towards an integrated approach

Jane Goddard
Head of Group Marketing & Communications
Energy Saving Trust

17.00 Official Close Of Conference Day

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Advanced Email Conference – Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact, please email